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The Newburg 2.5 State Champions led by co-captains Tiffany Smith and Stacy Carter and coached by Matt Taylor, who volunteered hours to help bring this team to victory!

Tiffany Smith shares her thoughts below:


Written by Tiffany Smith, 

“Annually, the Newburg Tennis Association has a clinic for all those wanting to learn to play tennis, for a nominal fee.  The majority of our team participates in this clinic.  After the 2017 clinic, some of us were asked to play on a 2.5 beginners tennis team.  We were all elated, but nervous, we eagerly accepted.  That was our start and introduction to USTA.  In 2018, we had enough interest to start our own team.  The initial fall season started off a little shaky.  


The winter season began and we began to win, and win and win.  Before we knew it, 1st place was in our sight.  After the season, we found out we were going to state, the highest honor for a USTA team and times 10 for a new team.  We were new to the scene, no home court, no normal organized practices, and predominately black.  We were a mystery team.  It’s exciting to be adding diversity to this great sport.  Next, the 2nd winter session, we once again come in 1st place.  Super exciting and we were super grateful.  Now, we are in first place in State, what a year!!!


This group of ladies are tenacious, supportive, living and gifted.  The games we pull off still amaze me.  No matter where we go from here, or what happens, we are a team, we love the sport and we will continue having a winning mindset.  We have 2 team mottos, one BELIEVE, second, find a way! And our team has done just that, we’ve believed in ourselves and we’ve believed in one another.  And through the grace of God, we’ve obviously found a way to win!”


On a side note - the team is wearing the Venus Williams tennis clothing line and received a shout out on the Eleven by Venus Instagram story! 




2016 Kentucky Tennis Association annual awards luncheon Kelley Dick received the Bruce Stone Educational Merit Award given  each year in honor of Bruce Stone to recognize an individual who has  developed an outstanding tennis program that provides leadership and  inspiration in junior programs for schools, colleges, parks and  playgrounds, and benefits the growth of tennis. 





 2016 Tri-City Tennis Tournament (Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago) played in Chicago Bruce Stone & Rita Patterson won the 65  & over Mixed Doubles Championship.





2015 Tri-City Tennis Tournament (Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago) played in Cleveland Bruce Stone won the 65 & over Men’s  Singles Championship.



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